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Jul. 26th, 2010

SG-1 Jack


Panelist Needed for Fanfic Panel

I’m looking for a reader or writer of fanfic who would be willing to join us to facilitate a round-table discussion about fanfiction. I’m specifically looking for someone who is particularly familiar with and enthusiastic about het fic or gen fic.

If you’d like to join us, please send me a PM so we can have a conversation and I can tell you a little more about the panel format and your responsibilities as a facilitator.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the convention!

Jun. 13th, 2010

Jacket Silhouettes


It's time to step up again and get it done!

Calling all Stargate Fans…

The Stargate Multiverse Track Charity Auction Team needs your help. ASAP!

We are looking for Stargate specific items that you are willing to part with.
After a very damaging flood swept through Georgia last year, we lost ALL of our auction inventory. This means we are starting from scratch and currently the cupboard is bare.

This year's charity is The Lupus Foundation of America. Lupus is a heinous, painful disease that affects one in every 200 Americans.
As most of you know, the SGMT has made a name for itself over the last few years as the track that has raised more money for charity than any other track at Dragon*Con. The biggest part of that comes from you, the fans, by way of the Charity Auction. We want to continue our momentum into the 2010 Convention but without donated items there won't be an auction and our fund raising record will be difficult to maintain.

If you have been to an auction before, you know what works best… Autographed scripts, props, and authentic costumes, autographed merchandise like action figures and models.

If you have home made uniform parts or whole uniforms from the movie or any of the shows that you are no longer using, those would be great too.
We will also be having a silent auction so if you have something and you're not sure if it'll be good for the auction, let us know. It might be PERFECT for the silent auction.

As Stargate fans at Dragon*Con we have had the privilege to represent our favorite shows in the most positive light possible… charitable giving. It's time to step up again and get it done!

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look through your Stargate memorabilia and thank you for enthusiastically parting with it for this very worth cause. :-D

Cali Boyd
SGMT Charity Auction Supervisior
cali@sgmultiverse.org <----------- Email to donate!
Jacket Silhouettes




Hey guys, this year we are having an Official Track Party! The Track Party has an official place, the Capitol Ballroom in the Sheraton and official time, Friday night 8:30 to Midnight. What we REALLY need now is help making the party happen. We have some special, fun events planned, including a Charity Photo Op, where you can get a photo with an SG Background of your choice (several options will be available) for making a donation to the charity, plus a chance to be on SGTV!

But here's the catch. The budget is already beyond maxed trying to purchase our standard items like Track swag and programs and making certain that we have needed items for other scheduled events. As it stands, we are currently planning this shindig with a budget of $0.00 and we could really use your help in order to have the funds needed to get things like munchies, drinks, and entertainment. Its either that, or we will have to listen to Mckay talk all night!

So, how can you help? Simple! Head over to the online track store, and place your preorder for this year's Track Swag! http://sgmultiverse.org/store2010.html Remember, if you don't see anything in the store that you really want, or if you've already placed your order, but you still would like to help out with the budget issues you can do so by clicking on the "donate" button found at the bottom of the Track Store page. Any donations, from $5 to $500 will be greatly appericated and then put to good use in making this year's SGMT experience even better than the last!

Help us make this party as great and fun as we can, and thanks for helping make your Stargate Multiverse Track the best Stargate experience on Earth!

Apr. 25th, 2010

Jacket Silhouettes


Calling all Stargate Fan Works Creators!

The Stargate Multiverse Track is looking to display new and interesting Fanworks in the track room this year. There were a number of awesome things in the Museum last year, but we want to bring in even more, to show how creative Stargate fans can be.

Do you make crafty Stargate-themed items like jewelry or dolls? Use your mad skills to create replicas of props from the multiverse? Make other multimedia fanworks like filk or vids? We're interested in it all!

If you or someone you know makes something cool and Stargate-themed that you want to show off at con this year, drop Melayne an e-mail at melayne[at]sgmultiverse[dot]org.

Mar. 25th, 2010

Jacket Silhouettes



Just wanted to let any and all interested parties know -- the SGMT 2010 Panel Application is now LIVE!

A few pointers:

1) If you've already discussed leading/helping with an SGMT panel on any forum space, you still need to complete the official application.

2) If you've already organized a potential panel group, only ONE application needs to be submitted via lead contact.

3) Please attempt to self-designate which of our "majors" you feel your panel would fit best, based on focus topic. Our majors for 2010 are: science and technology, literature and philosophy, and social sciences. It IS possible that your panel may become "cross-listed" between two majors before all is said and done, and some panels will be lumped into our "elective pool," since they may be one-shots that don't seem to fit our majors.

4) The more information we have about the panel's tentative format (expert panel, roundtable discussions, moderated Q & A, etc.) and topic, the better! Most of the time, the manner in which a panel is run is MORE important than the content delivered -- meaning that a well-organized panel that stays on track is superior to a track full of information that spans too broad a scope.

5) Panel application deadline is tentatively April 30, 2010. Selected panelists will be informed via e-mail by May 31, 2010.

Best wishes to all applicants -- we look forward to seeing a wide variety of ideas!

We've been busy beavers here at the SGMT office today, and not only is your Panel Application up and running, but the 2010 SGMT Volunteer Application is up and ready as well!

No, we won't turn anyone away. It's only an application in that it's a form you fill out for us, but "Volunteer Form" doesn't sound as friendly... it's more utilitarian, and we're not. 8)

So, even if you've volunteered with us before, PLEASE go over to the new Volunteer Application and fill it out for us!!

All information is collected strictly for our own use, will not be sold or given to any other person or business, and the mailing address is collected so we can send you niftee stuff like demo swag throughout the year. Or maybe a present now and again. Or a blackmail picture we got of you last year in the shower with the jello in the tub. ~look~

But yes, only I, the Volunteer Coordinator, and the Department Head for whatever department you want to volunteer with will see your information, so please please please fill it out completely.

Feel free to check any number of Department boxes, though if you check more than about 4, you might as well just check "General Volunteer" and be done with it. ~lol~

Cannot WAIT to see you all again!!!!

Aug. 4th, 2009

Jacket Silhouettes


SGMT Caption Contest!

Announcing the Stargate Multiverse Track SGTV Caption Contest!

Participation is simple. All you need to do is select one of the five pictures we have linked below and photoshop it* to caption the picture with something funny. "Captions" can be a caption for the picture, dialogue for the characters in the picture, or something more like a lolcat.

The winners and runners-up will be included in an SGTV spot to be shown before the guest panels at DragonCon.

We have a few guidelines participants need to follow.

1. Captions must contain PG content and no foul language.

2. Captions and other text must be photoshopped on to the photo.

Finished captioned photos must be emailed to rodney.m.mckay@gmail.com no later than August 20. With your email, please send your name and tell us if you'll be attending DragonCon.

Find the photos you can chose from HERE.

Jul. 24th, 2009

SG-1 Team


Stargate Beat the Geeks: Looking for Geeks

The track is looking for a few geeks to assist in the game show Stargate Beat the Geeks. We need 4 dedicated Stargate fans to serve as the subject-matter experts in:
    (1) the early seasons of SG-1 (seasons 1-5),
    (2) the latter seasons of SG-1 (seasons 6-10),
    (3) SGA (all seasons), and
    (4) a specialty expert in the premiers which include the original movie and the first episode of every season of both SG-1 and SGA.

If you decide to "audition" (a short quiz will be given to make sure you know your stuff—we want GEEKS!), know that you MUST attend the Stargate Beat the Geeks game show currently scheduled for: Sunday at 7pm.

If you participate as a Geek know that your position on this panel is secured and you WILL be answering SG trivia questions!

Players for the game will be selected during the weekend of DragonCon, the process is still TBD.

Interested in being a geek? Please email me at theemdash[at]livejournal[dot]com and tell me which Geek you'd like to be. (You may request any or all geeks because we do want to select the geekiest geeks we can get!) We're finalizing the quizzes this weekend and will begin sending them out on Monday. Reply with your interest in being a Geek (or any questions) through July 30.


Jul. 6th, 2009

SG-1 Team


Stargate Multiverse Track Fanworks Contest

We're still looking for entries for the Stargate Multiverse Track Fanworks Contest! Submissions are being accepted through July 10.

You may submit in the following categories:

    Short Fiction
    Meta Essay
    Original Artwork
    Prop Making
    Theme: New Beginnings

For more information, please visit our post here at sgmtv.

We have FEW submissions, so if you're interested in participating, now is a good time to submit!


Jun. 23rd, 2009

SG-1 Team


Stargate Multiverse Fanworks Contest

ANNOUNCEMENT! We're pushing back the due date for the Stargate Multiverse Fanworks Contest! All entries must be received by 11:59pm (GMT) on July 10.

Don't know about the Stargate Multiverse Fanworks Contest? Read all about the Stargate Multiverse Fanworks Contest at sgmvt.


Jun. 7th, 2009

Jacket Silhouettes



1) There is more to Stargate Arts and crafts than costuming, props and ponies!
Quilts, jewelery, drawing, paintings, custom action figures and much more! Are
you a Stargate artist or crafter? Are you interested in participating in the
Stargate "Show and Tell" Fanworks Art and Crafts panel?

If this is you please send me an e-mail off list (wiccanslyr@...) with
your information: Name, age, location, type of crafting you do, how long you
have been doing it and what you think you'd like to share with other fans and
crafters. Please include photos if possible! You should also note that this is
currently scheduled as MONDAY 1pm so it is important that any panelist be sure
that they will still be at con at this time.

I look forward to hearing from all you crafters out there!

2)Attention all Stargate Role PLayers! Do you RP online? Do you campaign in the
d20 table top universe? Are you a Stargate LARPer? Then we need you! We are
currently looking for Panelist for the Stargate Role Playing panel.

If you are interested in being on this panel please send me an e-mail off list
(wiccanslyr@...) with your information: Name, age, location, type of role
playing you do, how long you have been doing it and what topics and tips you'd
like to discuss during this panel.

I look forward to hearing from all you role players out there!

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